Workers’ Compensation in Case of Dog Bites

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Dog Attack Lawyer
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Dogs are considered as the best friends of man. Dogs have become part of many households and families. However, there are some dogs, which may not be people-friendly, and they can become aggressive at any time. In such cases, the aggressiveness of the dog may lead to dog bites, which can lead to fatal consequences at times.

If a dog bite happens at the workplace during the work hours, the victim can make a worker’s compensation claim. This claim can assure that the victim of the dog bite gets the amount spent for the medical treatment covered, and the lost wages reimbursed.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Dog Bites?

It is not so common for dog bites to be included under the workers’ compensation coverage. This is because very few dog bite cases happen at the workplace. However, all injuries and illnesses that happen in a workplace are covered under the workers’ compensation law. Therefore, even dog bites can be covered under the workers’ compensation.

There are certain professions in which there is the risk of suffering damages from a dog bite. Such professions include delivery people, postal carriers, salespeople who visit houses door to door, etc. If any contractors are working in a house or a property, they are also prone to suffer a dog bite during their work. The technical definition of workers’ compensation covers all sought of injuries or accidents that one may suffer while he/she performs the duties during the work time or even during the work breaks.

In such work situations where the workers come in direct interaction with dogs, there can arise cases in which they get bitten by dogs which can be serious or minor according to the respective cases.

Liability of a Third Party

The third-party liability can be applicable in cases where an employee is working on the premises of another person. In such cases, the employee may raise a personal injury case against the property owner or the dog owner. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to control the dog safely. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the safety and care of those who are laboring on his property.

The workers’ compensation, however, does not cover punitive damages or pain and suffering. The extent of the injuries caused by a dog bite can differ in different cases. Sometimes it can be very severe and the effects may last long, which can leave the victim impaired for a lifetime. The compensation in each case will depend on the extent of the damages suffered. Seeking the help of a dog attack lawyer will be a wise decision in case you suffer a dog bite.

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