What to Do When you are Attacked by a Dog?

LA Dog Bite Attorneys
Dog Bite Attorneys

Being attacked by an animal is one of the scariest experiences that any person can have. The attack can be unexpected and can make the victim to wonder what to do next. Usually such attacks happen when dogs are not properly restrained or trained by their owners. In fact, if you are attacked by a dog, you might be eligible to get compensation for the same; so after getting the required medical attention, you should talk with LA dog bite attorneys to file a claim.

Establishing Liability

In most of the dog bite cases, the owner of the animal is automatically held responsible for the injuries and damages that are caused by the dog. This is a strict liability statute and holds true if the victim is attacked by the dog in a public place; on the property of the dog owner as long as the victim has entered the property legally; or when the victim is lawfully on a private property.

In the situations listed above, the dog’s owner is held responsible even if the dog had never been vicious to others in the past and never displayed any signs of aggression. As this is a strict liability statute, it is not necessary for the victim to prove that the owner was negligent and it is insignificant if the owner took any steps to prevent the animal from attacking. This means that even if the dog was behind a gate or was on a leash, the owner is held responsible if it bites or attacks a person.

Compensation after Dog Bite

In most of the dog bite lawsuits, the dog’s owner will have to “make whole” or compensate the victim. There are many things, which the owner of the dog should do to make the victim “whole”. The owner will be responsible for the medical bills, suffering and physical pain, property damage, mental anguish and lost wages of the dog bite victim.

The money that the victim gets as compensation for the dog attack or dog bite will never put off the suffering caused. However, it can help to reduce the hardship of the person. It might seem that a dog bite is a minor thing, but it could have lasting consequences and would need very costly medical treatments. Sometimes, it can even negatively affect the quality of life of the victim.

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