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In the vast majority of cases where a dog bites another party, there is no repercussion for the canine other than likely quarantine for a period of time. However, the local US animal control agency or the court should first determine that it is either a potentially dangerous or a vicious dog.

A dog is considered potentially dangerous in the case any of the below-mentioned things apply.

  • People have been forcibly made to defend from the aggressive behavior of the dog in two different incidents over the last three years, while it was off the premises of its owner.
  • The dog has bitten somebody that did not result in a severe injury.
  • It has injured or killed a domestic animal two times in the last three years that happened off the premises thereof.
  • The dog injured or killed somebody sans having been provoked.
  • It was considered potentially dangerous, and the owner party, although having been informed of the determination, failed to meet certain conditions, or the dog repeated the dangerous behavior.

In such situations, a court can necessitate that the party secure it all the time if outside or require that the canine be in a fenced or an enclosed area that is both non-escapable and childproof. If it is being taken off premises, then the dog has to be upon a secured leash all the time as well as under the control of an adult who is reasonably responsible and aware of its aggressive behavior.

If the owner of the dog does not comply with these conditions and it attacks a person, then the party could be held (criminally) responsible. However, the status of the dog as mentioned above can be removed in the case it has no more incidents for three years.

Furthermore, a dog can also be euthanized under the below situations after a hearing.

  • It has bitten a person on at least two occasions
  • It had been trained as an attack dog and it attacked somebody except a trespasser, which caused severe injury or demise

The victim of a dog bite or any other concerned party can initiate a hearing for dangerous dog comprising public authorities or neighbors. Even if it does not have a history of biting or attacking someone, but if it severely injured someone, a hearing can be held upon whether to euthanize it or whether other limitations upon it have to be implemented.

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