What are the Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Airports?

Airports are using digital signage for many years. Digital signage provides a lot of information to the passengers like flight schedule, ticket fares, updated flight timings, etc. They provide the passengers with multiple check-in options and reduce the long waiting time. Static displays are not ideal for showing the flight timings in the airport because the timings may constantly change. With the help of digital signage flight timings can be updated regularly.

Introduction of digital signage improves the smooth functioning of airports and gives the passengers a good traveling experience. Here are some of the benefits of using digital signage in airports.

Sharing of Information

In airports, flight information can be displayed with an effective, easy to read format using the digital signage systems. When using static displays to communicate with the passengers, the correct flight information might not reach them. This may lead to long wait in check-in counters and often passengers miss their flight because of that. With the introduction of digital signage system, the passengers will get up to date information about their flights. They also help in displaying the timing of delayed flights and the reason for the delay.


Digital signage provides the most effective and easier for advertising in an airport. International airports have lots of shops and restaurants for the passengers. Since digital signage can handle multimedia efficiently, the airport management can display different contents on the screens and encourage the passengers to make purchases. A perfectly placed digital signage at the exit of the airport can display information about hotels and restaurants. They can advertise about shows, concerts, sport events, etc. which can be useful for a visitor. It is a great way for the airport to generate revenue.

Security Warnings

For the airport authorities, security is at the topmost priority and it is essential for maintain peace and order. The authorities can use digital signage to inform the passengers about various travel regulations. When these regulations are followed, the security personnel can do their job effectively. Digital signage can be an aid to communicate with the travelers and they will display important instructions that needed to follow during emergency situations.


Airports can become a crowded place regularly and it will become difficult for the passengers to find their way through the airport. With a reputed digital signage expert like Handsome group, the airports can implement interactive way-finding maps throughout the airport. Digital signage can present the users with an overview of the airport and provide a quickest way to the destination they choose.

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