Yehuda Oratz Talks About Profitability in Legal Practices


Time management is paramount to the success of any law practice. If attorney hours are spent on unprofitable clients, the firm could dissolve. Having a software platform to track time invested into projects mitigates this issue.

Yehuda Oratz suggests implementing a platform that automatically tracks time spent with clients, allowing the practice to monitor growth not just overall, but per client, per practice area, and per associate/partner. Having such data enables firms’ agility and improves decision-making ability to maximize profitability and monitor cases as they unfold, which generates accurate invoices to the client periodically (instead of just at the verdict). This has necessitated software development for law firms.

A good platform, according to Yehuda Oratz, is a vital addition to any law firm. It doesn’t only offer accurate invoicing service, but also helps save time. If you’re looking to increase profitability for your law firm, then you should consider the integration of a good software platform for your practice. This will help you keep track of fees and costs. Plus, you can easily integrate your firm’s accounting system with the whole billing process.

The importance of a good tracking platform for legal practices can’t be overemphasized. The platform can help automate your legal documents among other things. Nevertheless, it’s important to use a software platform that’s able to monitor the growth of specific segments of the firm’s law practice. There’s always a demo process, and this is the best time to check the program’s capability with a view to ascertaining its ability to handle all tasks needed.

Yehuda Oratz software development for lawyers provides law firms with the best practice models for apportionment and intent-based profitability analysis and planning. This enables the use of accurate data in monitoring the process of various cases. Law firms can build scenarios to track performance per associate/partner and likewise adjust operational processes to ameliorate financial performance outcomes.

It can be challenging to track the success of a law firm. Fortuitously, software development for law firms have afforded legal practices an easier method of tracking the progress of any law practice. A good legal software platform offers robust solutions for law practices of all sizes, irrespective of specialization, be it criminal law, divorce, personal injury, bankruptcy law, etc. This will invariably help with litigation support and case management of all sorts.

There are a lot of benefits to implementing a reliable platform that helps streamline various crucial areas of operation, such as data collection storage, conflict avoidance, docket management and most importantly time management. The time saving alone will enable the law practice become more efficient and grow, which consequently maximizes the productivity of the law firm.

In conclusion, every legal practice that’s serious about remaining profitable should consider software development for the legal system – a platform that’s able to breakdown the profitability aspect of their operations; per case, per client, per specific area of law, per associate/partner, etc. This will allow the firm take a more fact-based approach when making decisions relating to billing rates and collections.

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