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Link building may have been dormant for many years, but it is considered an important factor for Google ranking. Read ahead to understand more about linking for SEO as shared by the Falcon marketing company.


Google has said that links are the #1 ranking variable, along with quality content. Acquiring good ranks without linking is difficult, there is no reason why anybody would attempt to rank without links.

Google prioritizes links more than anything, thus you definitely should.

Google Penguin changed how Backlinks were used in SEO

Earlier, one could rather easily purchase his rank by including an increasing number of links. A few from one domain and a few from another meant that you could control the position of your website on the main internet search results page. Such times are long gone. The Google Penguin Spam Filter is presently a part of Google’s Core Algorithm and it is in motion all the time.

Basics of Linking

Links can have a risk now, and you should realize that possibility. even in this day, most people still just take a look at the source page, the page referred to, and call that “the backlink”

A hyperlink refers to a connection from the referred page to the objective page. For a long time, SEOs have focused on looking at the Pagerank or the metrics of the linking page.


While referring to a backlink it means a reference from another website page to your page. This is altogether different from the “outbound” or active connections from your page. Try not to confuse the two. A backlink is likewise called an inbound link (IBL) and these connections are significant in deciding the popularity of your site for web search tools like Google.

Is It Possible For A Website To Rank Without Back Links?

You can be completely sure that a site cannot rank without the help of inbound links.

Below is a set of reasons why link building is significant

  • Links are Google’s #1 positioning element
  • Links form the web
  • Links lead to high-quality content(that has the right to rank well)
  • Links exchange control
  • They pass on trust
  • Google affirmed that it is unnatural to discover a site without backlinks
  • It is through links that Google finds your site.

Make sure you keep the above factors in mind as you work for the SEO of your website.

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