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In most cases, there will be no repercussions on your canine if it bites someone. Sometimes, your dog will be quarantined for a period of time and you will have to deal with the legal formalities. However, the very thought of your dog biting someone can arouse a number of questions in your mind such as how to stop your dog, what if the other party is fatally injured, where to report the incident, will you be charged guilty, etc. In worst cases, the authorities may take the dog away from you as well and it will be obviously heartbreaking. In order to help you out, below are some of the important things that you must do if your dog bites someone.

Be Calm

The main thing that you must remember if your canine bit someone is to stay calm rather than arguing with the victim. Arguing may trigger your dog and it may start attacking the victim again making things even worse. Plus, the victim is the one to decide whether or not to hire a dog attack attorney and file the case. Note that the law will support the victim in most cases and hence, you will be at the loss if he sued you for the damages. Undoubtedly, it is always better to be polite and caring towards the victim so that the chances will be more for the latter to settle the case without involving a dog attack attorney.

Seek Medical Assistance

The first step you must take if your dog attacked someone is to seek medical assistance. Either call nearby medical help or take the victim to the hospital as soon as possible. It is not only important for the well-being of the victim but also he may sometimes refrain from filing a dog bite settlement case because of your polite gesture. Plus, try to be nice and settle the medical expenses at the hospital since it was not his fault. Plus, give your contact information to the victim since it is mandatory in many jurisdictions and it will help to make a good impression as well.

What if your Dog Was Protecting you?

It is quite natural for the dog to go into defense mode if they felt that someone is attacking or assaulting their owner. In such a case when your dog attacked the other person in order to protect you, leave the spot immediately and file the case as soon as possible in order to sue the criminal. Furthermore, be honest while reporting the case and be as descriptive as possible so that the authorities can catch the criminal fast and prevent the person from attacking more people.

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