Possible Recoverable Damages from a Dog Bite Case

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
Dog Bite Case

If you have been bitten by a dog owned by someone else, and are unsure what legal rights you can exercise in this matter, it is usually best to call a dog bite injury lawyer first thing. An experienced firm could help you achieve a significant dog bite settlement, which can include the following compensation.

Medical Bills

Nowadays medical costs are the reasonable least that you can expect to be compensated for, following an unprovoked dog attack. The mere fact that the latter occurred, usually shows the owner failed to properly protect others from his or her dog. This makes their insurance company liable for the medical bills which resulted from the attack. The provider should fund costs of antibiotics, emergency room care, physical therapy, doctor’s appointments, and any surgery required later.

If the owner of the dog had “Medical Payments” as part of his or her rental or homeowner’s insurance, the provider should pay for the victim’s medical expenses, even of the dog owner was not at fault. There is usually a limit to such coverage, of around $10,000, but it does not require determination of fault, and lacks deductibles, making it a good resource for covering early medical bills. Payment is sourced from the insurer, but some companies require policyholders to agree before they grant “Med Pay” claims.

Missed Income

Dog bites victims missing work for a few days or weeks is not uncommon. The income they lose because of this is part of the dog owner’s insurer’s liability to compensate. If the victim’s earning ability is reduced due to the dog bite, loss of earning capacity is another thing they may receive compensation for.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are hard to quantify, but in dog bite cases, they are often significant enough to warrant compensation. While financial compensation would not eliminate the damage done, it can make up in small part for the ordeal, which the victim went through.

Punitive Damages

In cases where the dog had a known history of viciousness, or the owner recklessly exposed others to his or her pet, punitive damages may be sought and achieved. These damages are meant as punishment to the person responsible for the incident, as well a to make an example of them, and to reduce chances of the same or similar happening in the future.

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