Police Dog Bite: How to Find Out if you are a Police Dog Bite Abuse Victim

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A police dog’s bite can be so vicious that it can lead to serious injuries or in extreme cases, even demise. Unfortunately, police dogs might attack and bite those who obey the law for no cause at all. Sometimes, cops use K-9s to attack, maul or bite individuals suspected of committing minor violations.

A police dog is regarded as a lethal weapon, so being bitten by it may give you the right to take legal action against law enforcement.

What if the Dog Mistakenly Attacked you?

If police officers used it against you unreasonably given the nature of the circumstances, then you are entitled to sue them for abuse. Law enforcement trains police dogs to do many duties, including keeping their handlers safe. Police dogs are trained to follow and apprehend suspected people, and the bites of these animals are considered as reward.

When the dog attacks you by mistake, in turn causing your injuries, you can sue its handler for negligence, however ‘sorry’ they are. If there is excessive or unreasonable police dog force used, the cop is violating the constitutional rights you have as an American citizen.

How to Find Out if the Force Was Too Much?

To find out whether or not it was excessive, there are many factors that will be considered. It is too much and unreasonable if law enforcement’s urgency of apprehending fails to justify the underlying nature of that dog’s involvement. In that situation, one does not present any immediate danger and it is possible to stop them without the said force. If this applies to your incident, you might just be eligible to hold law enforcement officers responsible for your damages.

However, this is a somewhat vague legal explanation of the fairness of the dog bite. Juries and a judge will consider these factors to find out whether or not the attack involved too much force and abuse.

  • The form of crime you were suspected of before the incident happened.
  • How urgent it was to apprehend you.
  • Whether you presented a danger or threat to yourself, others around you, or police officers.
  • Whether you resisted the arrest under any circumstances.
  • Could it be done without the help of the dog?
  • Whether you provoked the animal.
  • Whether the cops issued a warning before the attack.

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