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Around 800,000 people suffer dog bite injuries every year. Some of the occurrences are fatal, while many others end up in causing serious consequences. Since dog bite incidents are happening on a large scale, the number of personal injury lawsuits related to dog bites too is very high. If you have suffered injuries from a dog bite, it would be in your best interest to consult a dog attack lawyer to know the possibilities of a personal injury lawsuit.

Dog bite cases have to be dealt with seriously and with great concern, so that, as a victim, you do not make any mistake which can affect the success of the lawsuit. Dog bites cover around 25 percent of the homeowner’s insurance policies. However, in recent times, due to the increase in the number of dog bite cases, many of the homeowner insurance policies are not continuing to cover such cases anymore. This is because dog bite cases are usually very expensive claims.

If you have suffered injuries in a dog bite, you need to be very careful when dealing with your claim. If not, some of your wrong actions may harm your otherwise worthy claim. Here are some important mistakes to avoid in a dog bite case.

  • Not Getting Medical Help Immediately: Many people, after they are injured in a dog bite, think that it is okay not to get medical help. However, one cannot be sure if the attacking dog at the time had rabies or not. Besides, there might have been bacteria in the dog’s mouth, which may cause infections on the skin. The medical help, which will be documented, can turn out to be an important connection between the dog bite and the injury.
  • Not Reporting the Bite: It is important to let the police and animal control know about a dog bite that had happened. This will ensure that the accident is documented properly. Do not hesitate to report the case to the authorities.
  • Speaking To The Insurance Company: The insurance adjusters who work for the insurance company may try to get something out of your mouth, which they can use against you later. Abstain from saying anything about the case to the insurance adjuster.
  • Not Taking Photos Of The Injury: Once the injury wounds are healed, it will be difficult for the jury or anyone else to understand the real extent of the injury. Therefore, it is very important to take and keep photos of the injury for future reference.

Make sure that you do not make these mistakes while raising a claim in your dog bite injury case.

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