Liability On Other Grounds In Dog Attack Cases

Dog Attack Lawyer
Dog Attack Lawyer
Dog Attack Lawyer

All of you might be aware of the fact that it is possible for you to file a lawsuit for claiming money if you get involved in a dog bite injury case. The owner of the dog will have to compensate for the actions of his/her dog.

But most of the people are confused about what they can do if the dog attack did not result in biting, but you still incurred injuries. Can you file a lawsuit in such occasions? The answer is yes, but not on the same grounds as the dog bites injury cases. Therefore, we list some other grounds on which you can file a lawsuit in a dog attack case, even if it does not involve biting.

Liability For Failing To Vaccinate

A dog owner has the responsibility to vaccinate the dog with the anti-rabies vaccine. Also, he/she should take the dog to a veterinarian occasionally for health check-ups and detect the presence of any diseases. If he failed to do so, a dog attack might expose a person to the danger of rabies infection.

If a person has to submit to anti-rabies treatment after a dog attack, he can file a lawsuit if the dog was not vaccinated. In this case, the dog owner will have the liability for paying the treatment charges incurred by the victim because of the dog attack. You can consult a dog attack lawyer for knowing the procedures associated with filing a lawsuit on these grounds.

Liability For Battery

Liability for battery arises when the dog owner intentionally made his dog to attack the victim. This will be considered as a criminal offense and the victim can press charges against the dog owner for intentionally causing harm. It is a kind of punitive damage where the dog owner will have to face punishments including imprisonment, fine, etc. based on the seriousness of the case.

Liability For Injuries Other Than A Bite

It is also possible for a dog attack to result in different injuries other than a bite. It is possible for the victim to claim money for these damages too, if he had to seek medical attention. The victim should be able to show that the dog has dangerous propensities. It can include the dog jumping on the visitor, knocking him down resulting in different injuries. You can seek the help of a dog attack attorney for knowing the damages that you can recover by filing the lawsuit.

Liability For A Dog Attacking Other Animals

If a dog attacks other animals, the dog owner will have the responsibility for compensating for the injuries caused for them too. He will have to incur the veterinary charges that are needed for treating the injured animals.

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