Laws You Should be Aware of Before Keeping a Dog in California

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If you are a dog lover and want to keep a pet dog you should be aware of some laws that exist in California regarding keeping a dog. Take these laws into consideration to stay out of trouble before getting a dog.

The Dog Biting Law

According to this law, if your dog bites or attacks someone, you will have to bear the responsibility of that. You will have to compensate the person who got attacked by your dog if you are not able to prove against it. You can contact a dog layer in California to know more about this law. If you can prove that the dog bit because of any provocation by the person who got bitten, then you will not be held responsible for the attack. A dog attack attorney will help you to deal with the legal proceeding regarding this.

The Service Dog Law

This law indicates that person with a disability can use a dog to assist him. This law makes it possible for the people with disabilities to go freely anywhere with the assistance of a service dog. Any person who is accompanied by a service dog can visit any public location they want.

The owners of the property must include the necessary rules in their policies to give permission for the service dog to enter the building so that the dog can accompany his master. If a business owner prevents a service dog form entering the building he/she may experience a fine of $1,000. They are also mot allowed to charge any entrance fee for the dog. But the owner of the dog will have to pay for the damages caused by the dog to the premises.

The Dog Barking Law

There are no regulations on the state level regarding barking, instead of that, it is handled by each city. There are no specific barking laws in many locations but there is a noise ordinance. A complaint can be filed if a dog barks after a specific time (time of the ordinance). Usually, this time will be around 11 pm. In such circumstances, you can contact animal control services. They will evaluate the situation and determine whether the dog’s barking is caused by any typical circumstances, or if it is because of any kind of negligence.

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