Is it Possible to Sue if your Dog is Bitten by Another Dog?

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California law forces “strict liability” for dog bites. The proprietor of a dog who bites somebody is obligated for that individual’s wounds regardless of whether the dog has never attacked before and whether the owner did nothing out of his way. This appears different from the “one bite rule,” which is effective in different states, by which the proprietor is possibly held responsible if the dog has launched an attack on somebody previously or has shown vicious inclinations. It is recommended that you consult a reputed dog attack injury attorneynear you in order to take the right steps while dealing with the case legally. Below is a discussion o whether it is possible to move legally if your dog itself is bitten by another dog.

Is it Possible to Sue if your Dog is Bitten by Another Dog?

Yes, it is possible but not under the rules of California’s dog bite statute. Common Code 3342 includes wounds to individuals. It does not enable people to sue when a dog nibbles another dog in the state of California.

Under California law, dogs are viewed as the individual property of their owners. Therefore, when somebody’s dog is “harmed,” the typical reason for activity is one for property harm (or an increasingly dark hypothesis known as “trespass to belongings”).

The conventional degree of harms recoverable in a property damage claim is the lesser of:

• The decrease in the property’s fairly estimated worth, or

• The expenses of fixing the property (yet not to surpass its market value)

What Damages Can You Expect If Your Dog Is Bitten?

Lately, California courts have started recognizing that decrease in market worth may not be the most suitable proportion of harms when a pet is harmed.

Rather, offended parties might be qualified for sums the plaintiffs sensibly spent attempting to “fix” the property (i.e., veterinarian’s bills). The doubt is whether the sums spent by the owner were reasonable.

A dog owner may likewise be able to get compensated if the other dog’s owner was sentenced for animal cruelty. In such an event the court may grant injured individual “compensation” as a component of the dog owner’s sentence. In any case, injured individual compensation for property harms is generally constrained to the expense of fixing or replacing the harmed property.

Consider the above factors regarding the California dog bite laws when there is an event of a dog bite to your dog.

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