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One of the serious issues faced by Californians is dog bite. Several deaths were reported due to dog bites recently. Every year nearly 2500 dog bite cases are investigated by the county’s Department of Animal Services. Reported dog bites vary from minor injuries to major ones which may require complex surgeries. A major injury can be classified as an injury which impairs one’s physical state leading to loss of consciousness, concussion, loss of an organ, muscle tear, multiple injuries, etc.

In the period from July 2011 to June 2014, 851 pitbull dog bites were reported and out of them, 100 were serious. Also 349 and 333 bite cases by Germen Shepherd and Chihuahua reported respectively were also scaring. Increased rate of dog bite cases shows that anyone can be a victim any time. Therefore, besides authorities, all citizens have the duty to keep each and every one safe by reporting, preventing and taking actions against dog bites.

Why Dog Bite Reporting is Important?

Many people fail to report dog bites due to their personal relations with the dog owner or due to their lack of awareness. Reporting dog bites are also important as seeking medical aid. It will help you to recover compensations for medical expenses. Only by reporting, vet records of the dog can be checked to see if it is properly vaccinated or not. This information is vital for the treatment of the dog bite victim. If the dog was a stray, reporting will be very helpful for authorities to take away the dog and initiate prevention methods.

How to Report Dog Bites?

If you are a victim, first go for proper medical aid. After getting the medical assistance, report to authorities and get information about the dog and its owner. Local Animal Control Office will offer you license records about dogs. This will provide information about prior events relating to the dog such as, if the dog has bitten someone or another animal before, if the dog has been running loose etc. This is why reporting dog bite is so important.

After collecting information about the dog, take photos of all the injuries of the victim and keep it as evidence for claiming the compensation. If your injury is a serious one, you should contact a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the dog owner. If the lawsuit is genuine and supported with necessary evidences, you will get sufficient compensation for your medical expenses and damages caused by the dog bite.

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