How Does COVID-19 Affect Animals?

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that affects both animals and humans. Some viruses cause illness only in humans and some other viruses affect certain types of animals. But certain coronaviruses cause illness in both humans and animals. But those viruses are very rare.

Certain types of coronaviruses only affect cattle, camels, and bats. They may infect humans too. But coronaviruses like canine and feline coronaviruses only infect animals.

Risk To Humans

We have already told that there are certain types of coronaviruses that infect both animals and humans. These viruses then spread between humans, but such coronaviruses are very rare. The coronavirus that originate from animals and spread to humans can cause diseases like severe acute respiratory syndrome and Middle East respiratory syndrome.

The exact source of COVID-19 is still unknown. Scientists suspect that the virus might have originated from animals and spread to humans. The first infection was linked to a live animal market. But now the virus is spreading from people to people. The virus that is causing COVID-19 is very similar to the one that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Until now, there is no evidence that your pets can spread COVID-19 or they might be a source of the disease. Also, no evidence says imported animals and animal products can cause the spreading of COVID-19.

Risk To Pets

Currently, there is no reported case of animals becoming infected with coronavirus in the United States. More studies are going on to find out how different animals could be infected by coronavirus. If you are affected with COVID-19, avoid contact with your pets and other animals. Even though there is no reported case of pets affected with COVID-19, it is better to stay away from your pets if you are infected with the virus.

Avoid contact with your pets might help to prevent the spread of the disease to other people. If you are affected with COVID-19, have another member of your family take care of the pets. Do not pet, snuggle, kiss, or share food when you are infected with the coronavirus.

Stay Healthy Around Animals

All animals carry disease-causing germs. Even if there is no reported case of COVID-19 that is spread from animals to humans, it is better to take precautions. After you handle animals, their food, waste and other supplies, do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water. Take your pets to a veterinarian, if they are showing symptoms of any illness. Always wear a mask while handling animals and make sure you are using a good quality medical mask. Go to to look for better quality face masks.

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