How Does A Cell Phone Booster Work?

The cell reception in rural areas can be really bad because of the lack of enough cell towers. Poor cell reception can lead to call drops, slow data speed, etc. and it will negatively affect our daily life. The best way to counter poor cell reception is by installing a cell phone booster, which is a device designed specially to amplify the cell signals.

How Does A Cellular Repeater Work?

A cell phone booster has 3 main components; the external antenna, the internal antenna, and the amplifier unit. There are three additional accessories also, which are coaxial cable, splitters, and the power supply.

The external antenna is usually placed outside of the building. This is for capturing the existing outside cell signals that come from the cell tower. The weak cell signal will be transferred to the amplifier unit that is placed inside the building via coaxial cable.

When the amplifier receives the weak cell signals, it will amplify the signal. An average in-house signal booster’s amplifier will be able to boost the cell signal by 32 times. Finally, the boosted cell signals will be sent to the inside antenna for redistributing.

Most of the signal boosters available today work in full-duplex. That means in addition to capturing the weak cell signal from the cell tower and amplifying it for the cell phones, the signal boosters also catches the signals from the cell phone and amplify it before sending it to the mobile base station.

The installation of the signal booster in your house can be done without professional help. All the in-house signal boosters come with an instruction manual that contains the steps that are needed to follow to install the signal booster system.

 It is important to note that the functioning of the signal booster system will be optimal when it receives a better cell signal. For that, the outside antenna should be placed where the cell reception is better. Most often, the outside antenna is placed on the roof of the building.

The coverage of the cellular repeater is based on the frequency of the booster, strength of the received signal, and the installation site. There are also splitters that can be used for expanding the coverage area of the signal booster especially if you want to have better cell reception in all the rooms of the building.

If you are in the Netherlands and need a mobile phone booster Netherlands device, make sure to buy it from a reputable manufacturer that offer a minimum 2-year warranty.

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