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It is common for people who are injured by dog bite to have questions related to their situation. Most people would like to be able to start processing all information related to it so that they can make up their mind on the course of action going forward. The ideal way to not get bogged down with all kinds of questions is to seek help from an experienced dog bite injury lawyer. However, it is understandable that some may need to do some research prior to taking that all-important step.

As such, below are some general questions that injured parties frequently ask to recover compensatory damages from those who are responsible for the dog bite that caused them the harm. In case you have specific doubts and/or you are going to take the subsequent steps in the process, then get in touch with a dog attack attorney for further help.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

If you have been bitten by a canine and you are injured, you certainly have a case. In certain respects, each dog bite attack situation is different. They are all traumatic and terrifying, but to find out whether you have a personal injury case or not, you should seek the advice of an attorney.

What is Involved in a Dog Bite Claim or Lawsuit?

There are many steps, which may have to be taken following the dog bite that will enforce the injured person’s legal rights. You will have to gather proof, get medical help, get in touch with the other party, try negotiating a settlement, and maybe, file the lawsuit. You should do all these things with the assistance of a dog bite injury lawyer.

What is the Settlement Value on Average for Dog Bite Case?

Dog bite cases differ with regard to settlement amounts. That is because each case is different, involving different people, different injuries, different forms of past as well as future losses, and the like. Thus, you should definitely have a lawyer evaluate your dog bite case to help you get an understanding of your claim’s potential value.

Who is at Fault for Dog Bite?

In most of the cases, the dog owner is at fault for injuries inflicted to the other person. However, there are situations where a landlord, parties caring for the canine, and others could also be responsible. Insurance firms can also play a role in its aftermath.

For an uninitiated, there is insurance for dog bite too. There are several cases where the owner of the dog has some form of coverage. However, the type of coverage and its specifics have to be thoroughly investigated, as well as, any settlement dollar would have to be negotiated with that insurer.

What if I Am Close to the Owner of the Dog?

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The data from many sources show that numerous dog bites actually involve familial dogs. This then presents an issue for the people who have been harmed, since no one really wants to sue his or her relative or friend. However, that is typically not required as long as there is an insurance coverage.

You can file a claim and let your dog bite injury lawyer deal with the settlement negotiating part, before filing a lawsuit becomes essential. Even in such situations, your family member or friend might not have to pay you the damages.

What if I Am Friends with the Dog Owner? Say if I Sue Him or Her, Will it Affect Our Relationship?

Not every dog bite results in a requirement to sue its owner. That is a determination you should make with an experienced dog bite attorney’s help. In case a lawsuit is required, the professional will deal with the procedure for you, comprising communicating with its owner and any involved insurance company. At times, a settlement is perceived as the ideal solution for all parties concerned.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

You should hire an expert lawyer for several reasons in case you face this situation. Ultimately, you want to ensure that you account for losses and go after all their recovery. You need to ensure the other side recognizes that you are serious about the legal rights of yours. You also need to be certain that you are making as many sound decisions as possible as you go through the process.

Who Covers the Losses of the Injured Person Following Dog Bite?

On most occasions, when one gets injured in the dog bite, the owner of the dog is responsible for the incurred losses by him or her. California has “strict liability” with regards to this, meaning the injured party does not need to prove its owner was negligent to recover. The injured person merely needs to prove the other person owns the dog, that it bit him or her, and that its bite caused injuries as well as damages.

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