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Home energy conservation efforts and installations are useless if the home insulation of your choice is not eco-friendly. For instance, heating your home is wasteful if you do not have proper home insulation in place. Having proper insulation will make a huge boost in your energy efficiency, as the energy spent is protected and the wastage is minimized. Below is a discussion on the different types of home insulations that are provided by general contractors.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Modern homes generally have cavity walls installed. This comprises of two walls constructed next to one another with an additional space between them. The cavity was initially thought to enhance efficiency but it was disproved later. Space has to be filled with substances like granules, foam, foam, or beads.

Solid Wall Insulation

Majority of the houses constructed before the 1920s had no cavity. These allow more heat to escape compared to walls with a cavity, but there are ways to improve the energy efficiency of these walls with the right insulation. This could be expensive but the energy saved will make up for this. Solid walls are insulated from the exterior or interior, but they have to be assessed individually. Experts that advocate the protection of old buildings are of the opinion that these building should be able to breathe.

Loft Insulation

It is obvious that for a heat efficient and energy efficient home, it is essential to have the loft insulated. The heat produced inside your property exits through the wall or the loft. Note that clearing out your loft is slightly difficult and you need to have a team of installers at your home. Apart from these difficulties, it is easy to install a loft.

Energy Efficient Doors & Windows

Years ago, the doors and windows were not meant to conserve the energy of the homes. Besides, they did not have the visual appeal. In recent years, composite doors and windows have been developed which does not require homeowners to sacrifice on the aesthetics. Besides, the designs are energy efficient.


If you want to minimize the presence of toxins inside your homes, cellulose is a great choice. This is made out of recycled newsprint and is easy to install. This also ensures that the paper will not go to the landfills afterward and pollute the environment.

There are several choices in home insulation each with its own share of benefits and downsides. Make sure you consider these factors before installing the insulation for your homes.

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