Dog Bite Personal Injury Claim: What You Should Know?

Dog Bite Attorney
Dog Bite Attorney
Dog Bite Attorney

It is estimated that close to 4 million Americans are bit by dogs on a yearly basis. Of these, close to 80,000 of them have to head over to the hospital and get medical treatment. The act of keeping pets has always been the case, and of these, there are plenty of breeds that are aggressive and have bitten humans.

A personal injury case is one in which you are bitten by a dog. It is often the responsibility of the owner of the dog, to pay for the compensation and for all of the current and future medical expenses and other financial losses. The pain and suffering that you underwent cannot be forgotten or passed on. The only way is for you to be compensated in monetary terms.

If the victim of the dog bite attack is found to be held accountable, then the blame can be shared and this will reduce the compensation that one can hope to get. So, the compensation that is receivable by you depends on the state and country you are in, the individual circumstances at the time of the injury and the result of the lawsuit filed.

Civil Liabilities Of The Owner Of The Pet

It is the liability of the dog owner to make sure that the house gate is closed, and that the dog is not unchained to ensure that it doesn’t run out and bite someone. There have been thousands of cases where it is proved that the owner’s negligence was the cause of the injury and a civil lawsuit can be filed against the dog owner.

The dog owner is also held liable if there is a dog bite statute, which is present in certain state laws. This applies even if the dog has no history of biting.

In those states, where there isn’t a strict liability, the dog owner is held accountable under the ‘one-bite’ rule. This means that the dog owner is held liable if they are well aware of the consequence of the dog to cause injuries, and yet choose to display absolute negligence.

Criminal Liabilities Of The Owner Of The Pet

There are ‘dangerous dog law’ in most of the states in the United States, which means that the dog owner is required to take certain precautionary measures especially if their pets have had a history of hurting someone.

If the dog is deemed to be extremely harmful, then the court can direct the dog owner to euthanize the dog. The owner can also be charged with manslaughter if someone has been killed. This is also true if someone’s property has been damaged.

Get yourself a personal injury lawyer or dog bite attorney in such cases as they know the legal proceedings in these cases.

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