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Dog bite victims are susceptible to the risk of severe injuries and infections. Some of the fatal dog bite injuries include permanent scarring, broken bones, amputation, rabies infection, etc. In such cases, it is recommended to get appropriate medical assistance at first. Secondly, consult a credible dog attack lawyer and file a lawsuit against the dog owner. After all, it is the responsibility of the owners to take care of their pet dogs and avoid such unfortunate incidents.

However, some people have a misconception that it is useless to file a dog bite lawsuit or to go for a dog bite settlement since the compensation will be trivial. Actually, a dog bite victim can obtain fair monetary compensation from the dog owner to cover all their damages with the help of an experienced dog attack lawyer. Below are two of the common myths regarding dog bites that can keep victims from seeking compensation.

The First Bite Incident of Every Dog is Overlooked

One traditional rule regarding dog bites is that the dog owner will be sued only if a dog bit people for the second time. It was justified that a dog owner will not be able to foresee the aggressive nature of their pets and hence, the first bite incident can be overlooked. In such cases, the first dog bite victim will never be able to sue the dog owner and claim his/her damages.

This law was widely known as the ‘one free bite rule’. However, this law is no longer applicable in California. Rather, California boasts a strict liability rule. Hence, the dog owners are usually held liable for the aggressive nature of their pets and will be entitled to provide compensation to the dog bite victims.

Insurance Companies Will Not Provide Coverage to Dog Bite Accidents

Since dogs cannot carry insurance, some people tend to believe that they will not get insurance coverage if bitten by a dog. Mind that dog owners can carry insurance and if a dog bite occurred at the legally occupied premises of the owner, homeowner’s insurance is likely to provide compensation for the accident. Some homeowner’s insurance tends to provide coverage for the dog bites even if it didn’t occur at the owner’s property. For instance, at a public place or when the owner was walking the dog.

In case the dog owner is living in a rented property, the rental insurance will be ideal to obtain financial coverage for dog bite incidents. Similarly, if a dog bite occurred in a vehicle, you may rely on the automobile liability insurance of the vehicle owner.

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