An Introduction to California’s Dog Bite Laws

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Dog Bite Laws

The California state law makes pet owners strictly liable for most dog bite injuries. Whether one owns a dog or has filed a dog bite injury claim, they will need to understand the state laws on civil and criminal liability, which they are entitled to when their pet hurts someone.

When people sue for compensation for damages, it does not matter whether dog owners know their canines had been vicious before. The owner cannot argue that they did not know their dog could be dangerous, or that they took care in order to avoid it from hurting others.

If a dog even grabs someone with the teeth but does not break the person’s skin, that could still be count as a dog bite. However, the owner is liable strictly only if the person injured was bitten when they were in either public space or lawfully in private space during the incident.

The strict liability of the state will not help people who were injured by a dog that did not bite them – for instance, when they were chased on a cycle by it, and that caused an accident. However, that does not mean injured people have no other options – they may be able to get compensation if they can prove that it occurred due to the negligence of the dog’s owner.

The State Laws on Dangerous Dogs

While the strict dog bite law applies irrespective of the history of the canine, another statute makes its owners liable for taking reasonable steps required to eliminate any danger of attacks in the future when it has bitten somebody in the past.

A person can file a civil case against the owner of a dog, which has bitten someone two times in separate incidents or a trained attack dog’s owner when it seriously injured a person with a bite. The court may order its owner to take necessary steps to avoid attacks in the future, comprising removing the canine in question from the place or even having it destroyed. The civil proceedings cannot be based upon its record of biting trespassers or upon bites by a working police dog or military dog.

Speaking with an Attorney

If a person is suing an owner over a dog bite incident, they should consider talking with a personal injury lawyer in CA. An attorney with experience in this area of law can explain how it applies to owner’s situation as well as what defense strategies they might opt for. If owners are dealing with civil complaint over dangerous canine or court order to destroy it, they might need to consult with animal law attorney. Eventually, a criminal defense attorney can protect their rights if they are facing criminal charges over dog bite or another injury.

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