3 Potential Signs That a Dog Is About To Bite

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Dog Bite Signs

The number of dog bite cases in the United States is increasing rapidly. Even though most dog owners tend to train their furry friends to be obedient and smart, they tend to snap and attack others under certain circumstances. While no one can foresee the future and prevent dog bites, you can definitely take some measures to avoid dog bites. Needless to mention, this will be way better than consulting a dog attack lawyer and spending a significant amount of time-fighting in court over dog bite cases to obtain fair dog bite settlement.

In order to prevent dog bite incidents, you must first understand the factors that may trigger your canine friend and act accordingly. Some of the common factors that trigger dog bites include guarding possession, fear, dominance, etc. However, you can always predict whether or not a dog is about to bite irrespective of the reasons by checking out its body language. If you feel that a dog might attack you, it is better to get away from it and avoid such dog bite incidents. Some of those warning signs that you must watch out for are listed below.

Snapping And Growling

One of the common symptoms exhibited by dogs when they are about to attack or bite a person is growling and snapping. So, if a dog makes such noises when you approach it, the dog is voicing its unhappiness. In such situations, make sure to get away from your pet as soon as possible. Furthermore, analyze the instances when your four-legged friend growls or snaps. For instance, try to understand whether it happens when you go near it, while eating, when some strangers enter your premises, when someone touches them while sleeping, etc. Note that knowing the reason behind the aggression of your dog will help you to manage their behavior.

Tail Wagging

Usually, when a dog wags its tail, it is regarded as its way of expressing love, gratitude, etc., towards the opposite person. However, some dog owners tend to claim that their canine friend was wagging its tail until it attacks the other person. Note that while proper tail wagging that involves the whole body is your dog’s way of expressing its happiness, the wagging of tail in back and forth motion can be a sign of impending attack or bite at times.

Raised Fur

Another symptom that dogs tend to exhibit when they are overstimulated or scared is the raised fur, especially at the backside of their body. However, this area tends to change depending on the breed of your dog. However, if you see that the hair of your dog is raised, it is better to back off and give them its space since it is mostly a dog’s way of expressing its anger or aggression.

Some other body signs a dog exhibit when it is about to bite include

  • Rigid body posture
  • Lip licking, averting gaze and yawning
  • Tail tucking and cowering
  • Showing the whites of the eyes

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